The Personal Computer Revolution

In 1998, personal computers were ugly beige boxes with no style or design. Apple saw an opportunity to reinvent the computer with bold all-in-one designs and outlandish colors.

At first, opinions were divided with such drastic changes to core macintosh technology but soon critics began to love the iMac describing it as the "Gold Standard of desktop computing", "industry-altering success" and the "Must-have desktop".

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    • chance: awesome!!!!!!!
    • Charlie Mathewson: My first Apple iMac Purchased in September 2007. Very impressed. Not single problem since the day I bought it. Since then, I have purchased a 13″...
    • Technically Theology: new aluminum iMacs were released in 2007. Until this point, Apple was known for everything being white and clean. That
    • greg klein: I bought the 1st. Gen 20″ model right after it came out and while it is still in limited, secondary use, it has NEVER operated correctly. Multiple power board...
    • Cyan: This is the Mac I am using right now, it has the best screen I ever got :)
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