iMac G3 Special Edition

Original Release Date: July 18, 2001

OS Shipped with: 9.1

Processor Type: G3

Processor Speeds: 700MHz

Colors: Blue Dalmatian, Flower Power, Graphite

Screen Type: CRT

Screen Sizes: 15"

The Summer 2001 editions of the iMac G3 would be the last in a long line of CRT based models. They would soon be replaced by the floating LCD design iMac models.

This model was a small step up from the special edition featured 5 months earlier. The G3 Processor was now up to a rapid 700Mhz. The hard drive space was increased by another 20GB to a total of 60GB.

As ever, this model was airport ready and featured VGA and FireWire ports.

This special edition was available in Graphite or Snow.

One Response to “iMac G3 Special Edition”

  1. Ben Powell on March 23rd, 2010 at 4:37 pm says:

    Always wanted one of these models. Thought the 700MHz G3 was the best thing since sliced bread at the time!

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