iMac G4 SuperDrive

Original Release Date: February 4, 2003

OS Shipped with: 10.2.3 and classic mode

Processor Type: G4

Processor Speeds: 1000MHz

Colors: White

Screen Type: LCD

Screen Sizes: 17"

Powered by a 1GHz G4 processor with the AltiVec Velocity Engine this model had hit the psychological 1 Gigahertz mark that manufacturers had been aiming for.

This 17″ flat panel model replaced its only 6 month old predecessor.

The new 1Ghz processor gave it a 200MHz speed boost, whilst the FSB rose to 133Mhz. An increase of 33MHz from previous models. It also came in $200 cheaper than the previous 17″ model.

The hard drive capacity stayed the same at 80GB but there was a performance gain due to the higher RPM drive used. The drive had gone from a standard 5400 to a much improved 7200 RPM.

The 17″ model also featured a graphics card much more powerful than that of the 15″ models. It was powered by an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX with 64MB of DDR SDRAM.

An Airport Extra card meant that the 17″ iMac was Wireless and Bluetooth ready out of the box. It also featured all of the connectivity of the 15″ model such as two FireWire 400 ports, Three USB ports with an extra pair on the keyboard, Built in modem and Ethernet, Headphone Jack and apple speaker mini jack and a mini-VGA port!

The whole of the series came with the Apple Pro Keyboard and mouse as well as Apple Pro Speakers.

A slight rearrangement of the rear ports took place although this did not reduce connectivity in any way.

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