iMac G4 SuperDrive

Original Release Date: January 7, 2002

OS Shipped with: 10.1.2 and 9.2.2

Processor Type: G4

Processor Speeds: 800MHz

Colors: White

Screen Type: LCD

Screen Sizes: 15,17"

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ philosophy was in its prime with the new iMac G4. A radical redesign moving from CRT to LCD technology mounted on a novel white hemispherical base. Apple described the new model as “unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced” – not many people disagreed.

The sunflower inspired design included a 15″ LCD display with an elegant stainless steel ‘stem’ allowing for easy repositioning at almost any angle.

The powerful new PowerPC G4 processor with AltiVec “Velocity Engine” provided the new iMac’s OS X operating system with enough speed to run smoothly.

The three 15″ models came with USB 1.1, FireWire, Nvidia Graphics a mini-VGA output port, built-in modem and Ethernet, and Apple’s Wireless Networking – AirPort.

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