iMac G3 Special Edition

Original Release Date: February 22, 2001

OS Shipped with: 9.1

Processor Type: G3

Processor Speeds: 500MHz

Colors: Indigo, Blue Dalmatian, Flower Power

Screen Type: CRT

Screen Sizes: 15"

Running at 600Mhz, this special edition version of the iMac G3 was the high end model of the series. For an extra 300 bucks you got an extra 100Mhz on the processor, up from 500 to 600. You also received 128MB of RAM and a doubled up hard drive capacity of 40GB.

The Graphics chip received an upgrade to an ATI Rage 128 ULTRA with 16MB of SDRAM.

Two funky new colors were made available with the release of the special edition iMac G3. Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power. The ever popular Graphite version was still available.

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